I need your help.  We formed a not for profit organization to help restore
the Clark Veterans Cemetery, which has over 2,200 veterans buried there. The
cemetery fell through the cracks after the USAF left and the bases were
transferred to the Philippines.  Since 1992, the cemetery has not received
any federal funds to support it.  In 1994, the local VFW Post 2485,
embarrassed by the deplorable condition of the cemetery after the eruption
of Mt. Pinatubo, adopted it.  A group of veterans in the local Angeles VFW
Post took it upon themselves to volunteer their time and effort to maintain
and manage the cemetery because our government overlooked it.  The local VFW
Post 2485 to this day solely administers and maintains the cemetery through
voluntary efforts and support.   They also administer to the 3 - 4 active
burials that are occurring each and every month.  Since 1994 only US
veterans have been buried there, including two who died in Iraq.

Their commendable efforts have worked as a stop gap for over 16 years,
however the cemetery needs much more, it needs to be transitioned to the
ABMC, VA or another agency of the US Government.  We formed the not for
profit about a month ago, you will recognize many of the Board of Director
members, including our good friend Dan McKinnon, and the growing number of
Champions who are going on line to register their support.  Former USN
Captain Ike Puzon, has volunteered his time to help us lobby for legislative
change, but we need to show numbers, we need the voices of large numbers of
people demanding that the cemetery be picked up under a federal agency and
maintained to the level of respect and decorum our veterans are entitled to.
You can go on line at http://www.cvcra.org and get a full picture of
the campaign, its present condition, those buried there now and what we must
do to right a wrong.

I want to ask you to get the word out to your respective memberships and
networks and ask each and every one of them to do something quite simple:

1.       First, log in at  http://www.cvcra.org, review the
mandate and challenge

2.       Click on the Champions tab or How Can I Help icon and sign up as a
Champion (It will literally take no more than one minute to register as a

We are not asking for money, we are not asking for volunteers, we are only
asking people to let their voices be heard by registering to demonstrate
their support and to help us convey to congress that our veterans and their
sacrifices should never be forgotten. We need numbers, we need individuals
to go in and register.  LET NO VET BE FORGOTTEN!

Dennis Wright
Sgt Michael R. Hilbert, USMC
VVA Chapter PI 887
PSC517, Box RC
FPO AP 96517-1000
Tel: {63}(45)892-6374
Website: www.vva887.org
Email: vvachapterpi887@yahoo.com
"Together Forever"