All Hands [2/27/13]

     The below might explain why it has been almost impossible for you to get an appointment to obtain is cards.

Lt. James ‘EMO’ Tichacek USN (Ret)
Associate Director & Editor/Publisher RAO Baguio Bulletin


Good afternoon,
As you may be aware, the process for scheduling an appointment for DEERS registration in Manila is to use the link found on the JUSMAGPHIL page on the Embassy Manila web site - -

At a meeting with JUSMAGPHIL reps this afternoon, we expressed our concern that the link often doesn't work. The JUSMAGPHIL reps explained that the link only works if appointment slots are available. Once all available slots are filled, the link shuts down until the first working day of the next month.

JUSMAGPHIL recommends the following:
-- Start trying the link at 0800 on the first working day of the month.
-- If unable to schedule an appointment on the link, call JUSMAGPHIL staff at (02) 301-2493.

The JUSMAGPHILS reps emphasized that the available appointments are usually taken by 1100 on the first.
Please pass the foregoing on to your members.

RAO Manila