Granted that this is "second-hand" information, but from a reliable source...

Bottom line is that, we retirees living in the Philippines, can be seen and treated at the Guam Naval Hospital, 100% free of charge.  Your retiree ID card is all that is required to start the process.

There are a small number of "Tests" that Guam Naval Hospital does not perform and will refer patients to local Guam medical facilities if required. Retirees from the Philippines, who are referred to local Guam medical facilities for these specific test will be covered under Tricare Standard.  Even then, you will Not be required to pay the full charges for any test performed by local Guam medical facilities and then apply for 75% reimbursement as is the practice here in the Philippines.  Retirees under Tricare Standard, utilizing local Guam medical facilities will pay a one time 150.00 dollar deductible then 25 percent of the remaining charges.  The facility will file a claim for the remaining 75 percent.

Retirees who fall under Medicare / Tricare for Life, have the same privileges as the above Tricare Standard practices as long as they have Medicare Part B.

Summarized again. The Guam Naval Hospital will treat US Military Retirees at no charge to the Retiree.

Currently, United Airlines offers round trip economy class tickets Manila-Guam-Manila for roughly 470.00 U.S. Dollars.  Retirees can utilize the Navy Transit Barracks on a Space "A" status, however recommended stay is: "Days Inn," which is Government TLA Approved.  "Days Inn" has a package deal, Room and Rental Car for 110.00 dollars per day.  Can anyone say Space "A" if it's not an emergency???

Below is the link to Guam Naval Hospital web site. Information and phone numbers.


Attached is a short summary of Tricare benefits provided by the Guam Naval Hospital.