Shipmates, below is the updated list of donars (as of December 31, 2011) in no particular order (most recent first, though) who have donated to the Save The Building Fund. More names to follow as we still have a number of outstanding pledges and we sent out our annual fund raiser letter a little early this time. As mentioned in the letter, we will not be asking for funds for what is normally our biggest fundraiser of the year: FRAlics (April 13-15). 2012's FRAlics will be more of a THANK YOU party for three days (planning is on-going as I write this).



Thanks to: 


Jim Beaver

Gregory "Harry" Harris

Roger Limle

Another anonymous

VFW 2485, Angeles City ($500, a very big thanks Comrades!)

Tom Higgins

Art Reimer (visiting from Hawaii on his way to Candelaria when we saw Art a couple days ago)

Robert Spitzcock

Bruce Stenhouse


John T Brady

Chuck Garrett

Jeff Fuller

FRA Branch 103, Yokosuka, Japan ($1,000, a very huge thank you SHIPMATES!)

Keith Kubiak

Kim Peterson

Don Robbins

“Ski” Malkovich

American Legion Post 4 (Olongapo)

VFW 11447 (Barretto)

Cesar Caluag

Roger Shong

Jack Wilbanks

Carl French

Steve Blair

"Noisey" Brian

American Legion post 123 (Angeles City)

American Legion Post 10 (Angeles City)

Beagels (Angeles City)

VVA Chapter 887 (Angeles/Subic)

AVVA Chapter 887 (Angeles/Subic)

Garfield’s Memorial Team House Association (formerly Special Forces Organization, Angeles City))

Rich Davis

AW Rogers

Terry Reynolds

Dave Niemela

Ted Beagles

Paul Hogle

Al The Moose

Jim Inskeep


We now have a total of about $6,200.00  (combined PHP and $) which puts almost able to afford the repairs we have already completed. President Tom had the electrician over a couple days ago and we await his estimate. This electrician is associated with the contractor who completed the roof and structural repairs and we are pleased with his work. We expect $1000-1500 for the basic electrical repairs so we still expect the total to be in the $8,000 range. A major portion of the wiring in the building needs to be completely re-wired.

The Children's Christmas party went real well on December 18 (pictures to follow) and our annual visit to San Marcelino Public Hospital on Christmas Eve also went well (pictures and words to follow on this as well).


We had a very nice visit from Art Reimer from Hawaii a couple days ago. He was on his way to Candelaria (I believe he has a house there) in northern Zambales when Art and his family stopped in.


A couple more shipmates have been added to our FRA 367 mail List since the last go 'round.



Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope all have a terrific New Year.


Until next time, . . . .


In Loyalty, Protection and Service,



Scott M. Simms


FRA Branch 367