From: Scott M. Simms []
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 10:42
Subject: FRA Branch 367 Mail List: HOWDY! and Save The Building SITREP, March 7, 2012. Updated, probably final, list of Donars
Howdy Shipmates,
Below is the updated list of donors (as of March 7, 2012) in no particular order (most recent first, though) who have donated to the Save The Building Fund. This will probably be the last update on the save the Building efforts.

Thanks to:

Thomas Lord

Ron Carrier

Bill Bay

Lynn Miller

Mike McEnery

William M. Petty

Robert Staufenberg

Ron Ratliff

Dennis Doty

VFW 9892

Cooties Pup Tent 7

Clifton Goins

Dennis Delay

Offie Sheard

Cooties Pup Tent 11

Joe Riedel

Bobbie Woodell

Robert Krauth

Joe Serrao

Kevin Kelly


Jim Beaver

Gregory "Harry" Harris

Roger Limle

Another anonymous

VFW 2485, Angeles City ($500, a very big thanks Comrades!)

Tom Higgins

Art Reimer (personal donation while visiting from Hawaii)

Robert Spitzcock

Bruce Stenhouse

John T Brady

Chuck Garrett

Jeff Fuller

FRA Branch 103, Yokosuka, Japan ($1,000, a very huge thank you SHIPMATES!)

Keith Kubiak

Kim Peterson

Don Robbins

“Ski” Malkovich

American Legion Post 4 (Olongapo)

VFW 11447 (Barretto)

Cesar Caluag

Roger Shong

Jack Wilbanks

Carl French

Steve Blair

"Noisey" Brian

American Legion post 123 (Angeles City)

American Legion Post 10 (Angeles City)

Beagels (Angeles City)

VVA Chapter 887 (Angeles/Subic)

AVVA Chapter 887 (Angeles/Subic)

Garfield’s Memorial Team House Association (formerly Special Forces Organization, Angeles City))

Rich Davis

AW Rogers

Terry Reynolds

Dave Niemela

Ted Beagles

Paul Hogle

Al The Moose

Jim Inskeep


 All the above names are painted on our Sponsors Wall which President Tom keeps asking me to photograph and send out to our membership—sometimes things don’t move too quickly over here (my same excuse for the minutes on web page not being updated for quite some time).

We now have raised a total of over $8,000.00 (combined PHP and $) which puts pretty well able to afford all the repairs we have completed. The electrical work, personally supervised by President Tom, is complete except for one very short pigtail from our side of the meter to the main power panel--we need ZAMECO, the electric company to do the meter side of this.

We expected the total to be in the $8,000 range and our guestimate was pretty danged close.

 Continuing with the momentum of the building repairs, we are pressing on with further building and property improvements including a complete interior and exterior re-paint and a male/female outside dual head (CR they call them here) behind the mango and avocado trees Shipmate Sully donated some years back.

We are in full swing with FRALICS 2012 Our Biggest Party of the Year! Preparations now that VFW 11447’s 20th Beach bash is over. As many/most of the volunteer efforts over here, we have been forced to scale back a bit but the chili cook-off, beauty contest, live music and tropical party atmosphere will remain. FRALICS raffle ticket sales have exploded over previous years: VFW 2485 in Angeles City has sold over 120 books (P250 per book) and wants 20 more books!

A couple more shipmates have been added to our FRA 367 mail List since the last go 'round. Please pass this on to other shipmates as I do not have everyone's e-mail address.

Our continuing Ex-pat Wednesdays are a great success and really the only day the FRA367 canteen makes any money. We are seeing new faces almost every Wednesday of a number of different nationalities. The really cool thing is that we are seeing new veterans show up that did not know we existed.  Rich Moran, VP and canteen manager has been able to turn money into the treasury most every month and has been doing an absolutely fantastic job.

We just held our first, of two, round of nominations of Branch Officers for 2012-13. The final round of nominations and elections will be on April 13, 2012. We deferred our GMM to the second Friday in April because of Holy Week the week prior.

For those of you doing it, keep the e-mail dialog coming. I enjoy answering questions about the provincial happenings in our area (pretty quiet out here) and being of help when possible.

Until next time, . . . .

In Loyalty, Protection and Service,

Scott M. Simms

FRA Branch 367