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Subic RAO Director Meeting with  VAR0/VAOPC Manila

New VA Form Available for Ordering Veterans' Grave Marker Medallion
05/22/2012 01:00 AM EDT
The Department of Veterans Affairs has streamlined the process for families of deceased
Veterans to receive a medallion which can be affixed to grave markers at private cemeteries and
indicates the Veteran status of the deceased.

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

Clark Veterans Cemetery Update

FYI on Non-Service Connected (NSC) Treatment at the VA OPC
From:  VA OPC, Manila
We have stopped providing appointments for all NSC conditions.  However, medications will still
be provided for both SC and NSC.  Your Primary Care doctor will continue to prescribe these for
you.  The volume of NSC referrals had resulted to delay in getting service connected schedules
and compensation and pensions exams.   Please understand that we need to prioritize
scheduling our veteran’s SC conditions and completing compensation and pension exams as
our primary mandate.  In order to do this, we had to stop providing appointments for NSC
conditions.   We hope you understand why need to implement these restrictions.   
Amiel T. Mejia
Patient Advocate

Notes from Recent VSO Leadership Forums
(Some really good information to share.)

VA Launches Personalized Health Benefits Handbook
02/22/2012 12:00 AM EST
Veterans enrolled in the health care system of the Department of Veterans Affairs have begun to
receive personalized booklets that explain their health care benefits and contain other useful

Thousands of Veterans Eligible for Military Medical Disability Rating Review
In 2009

New Online Enrollment Application Available for Servicemembers
02/03/2012 12:00 AM EST
The Department of Veterans Affairs partnered with the First Army at Camp Shelby, Miss., to
launch a streamlined version of its online application for VA health benefits (VA Form 1010EZ) for
Servicemembers returning from deployment. VA will introduce it at demobilization sites
nationwide by early spring 2012.

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