We received our Charter from FRA National Headquarters in February, 1978, and our Branch was
instituted with
Scott Withrow installed as our First President. The Installation and follow-on Monthly
Meetings were held in the Wayne D. May Club onboard NAVCOMSTAPHIL (Naval Communications
Station Philippines, San Miguel. In June of 1978, the Branch moved off base into the Patio Bar (about
200 meters North of where we are now on the same side of the road) in the "Crossroads" area. This
area was known as the Crossroads (and still is) to us "old-timers". The Branch remained at the Patio
Bar until we (the Patio Bar with FRA members at the helm)  moved to a new location in late 1981
(across the street and about 50 meters north of our present location).

In 1984, FRA Branch 367 absorbed the Patio Bar and continued its operations as "The Canteen" until
December of 1990, when we moved to our present location. The eruption of Mt Pinatubo on June 15,
1991, inflicted heavy damage on the Branch Home, and for six months, the Branch operated from the
office, library / deli and kitchen areas. On December of 1991, repairs to the main area was completed.

From the time our Branch was formed until the bases closed in 1992, FRA Branch 367 was sanctioned
by the base. Base recognition allowed us to have a U.S. mailing address and an on-base    U.S. bank
account. We also participated in the Indoctrination Course for newly arriving active duty personnel to
NCSP, San Miguel.

Over the last 30 years, Branch 367 has been very active in the local community, particularly in the
area of Youth Activities, where we have received numerous National and Regional awards (proudly
displayed on the west wall of the main area).

The folks that run our Branch are ALL volunteers who receive absolutely no pay. We continue as a
non-profit enterprise existing only to support our members, veterans, the local community, and

Our members (about 160) pays the rent, and our Associate Membership dues and donations help
support our various Youth Activities programs.  Business patronage at our Canteen and Kitchen pays
our staff wages, stock, and utilities.

We are located approximately 45 minutes North of Olongapo City, in the rural community of San
Antonio. (Near the former U.S. Naval Communications Station, Philippines). If you are looking for
peace and quiet, San Antonio is the place to live!

Many expats and retirees have opted to live and relax in San Antonio and the surrounding small
communities. We are far enough away from Subic and Olongapo to avoid the daily traffic, yet close
enough to take advantage of  the shopping and entertainment opportunities onboard Subic Bay
Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

The Subic/Clark/Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) is now open. Commute time between Subic and Clark has
been dramatically shortened. Clark and Angeles City offer a wide variety of shopping opportunities.

TRICARE is alive and well in the Philippines! TRICARE approved doctors, hospitals, clinics and
pharmacies are readily available.

Our Branch has long supported some noteworthy charities in the local community:

1. We support the "Malnourished Children's Program" which is administered by the local Mayor's
office. Our Ladies Auxiliary works closely with the local program coordinator to ensure needy
children receive food and vitamin supplements.

2. We also sponsor needy and motivated children through High School. Again, our Ladies Auxiliary
works closely with the Principal of San Miguel High School to ensure the smooth operation of this

3. When the opportunity arises, we also support "Operation Smile". This Internationally recognized
charity performs corrective surgery on Cleft lip and Cleft Palate patients.

We offer a fully stocked canteen where our members come to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Our Branch Home is very family oriented, and provides  numerous activities throughout the year for
both young and old. Check out the Coming Events section on our Home Page.

Our Ladies Auxiliary operates an outstanding kitchen. The "Snack Shack" serves short orders and
the best pizza in the area. Link to the LAFRA page to learn more about our Ladies Auxiliary.

Our Branch Home is available for catered parties - Wedding Receptions, Baptismal Celebrations,
Birthday Parties, etc.  For more information and reservations,
contact us or phone
(047) 913 - 3901.

Popular leisure activities at our Branch include: Pool, Darts and Horseshoes. For the beach
enthusiasts - Swimming, Boating, Diving and fishing in the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea
is only 15 minutes away.

Golfing onboard the Philippine Navy Education and Training Command (formerly NCSP), has become
very popular over the past couple of years. The golf course is very well maintained, and the lower
"fees" are very attractive to not only the local golfers, but also to golfers from Olongapo, Clark and

If you are thinking of visiting or retiring here in the Philippines, contact us with any questions you
might have. We will be happy to assist you. If we don't have the answers you are looking for, we can
put you in contact with someone who does. Check out our "Useful Links" page. U.S. Embassy and
RAO websites offer a lot of pertinent information about the Philippines.